Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Thank You for Feeding Me Today"

Few things are more satisfying in life than having someone who has had a hard life look you in the eyes and say, “thank you for feeding me today.”   We go about our daily lives, and a trip to the grocery store followed by cooking for ourselves seems like nothing, but to the homeless in Utah, it is unreachable.  We had the blessed opportunity to help the less fortunate in Utah yesterday.  We volunteered with Eagle Ministries, a non-profit organization who feeds the needy every Sunday and on Thanksgiving, in downtown SLC. 

We arrived at 7AM and helped set up the make-shift kitchen.  We chopped, mixed, and cooked an entire breakfast - including freshly ground coffee, for 300 hungry people.  It was very heartbreaking to see the homeless, hungry, and needy line up for a meal, but it was heartwarming to be able to serve our fellow man.  We worked until noon, and are looking forward to going back and doing it again!

Erika Tedder & Maria Martinez
Public Utilities

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